1884: A Long Service – James Hardman

There will in future be missed a familiar face from Oxenholme Station. Old James Hardman, who came with the first railway train which steamed up to the Oxenholme platform and has ever since served the Company as porter there, has been dismissed for old age. Hardman is hale and hearty at sixty-seven, and was as good as ever at his post as ticket collector at the station gates. Before going to Oxenholme he was porter on the Preston and Lancaster line about four years, and he has been thirty-eight years at Oxenholme, and never lost a day. Such a long and faithful service surely has earned a pension, and the travelling public, to whom Hardman was so well known, would be glad to learn that the Company has made some little provision for their servant in his old age.

Lancaster Gazette, 2 January 1884

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