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An Engine Shed was first established at Oxenholme in the 1840s when the line first opened. It is believed to have been a one lane through shed with a turntable just to its northern entrance.

It was replaced by a four road Engine Shed in 1880 when the station was rebuilt.

The Four Lane Shed pictured in 1906.
The Shed c.1935
oxenholme railway shed

The four road Engine Shed is pictured above looking north to the Kendal to New Hutton road bridge with the water tank and coal stage in the left foreground. Just under the bridge, the LMS Oxenholme No. 2 Signalbox can be spotted. The former LNWR Oxenholme No. 2 Signalbox used to be postioned behind the Engine Shed and was raised to give the signalman a clear view  of the south end of Oxenholme Station.

Mr Collins was Shedmaster until 1915 when Mr Bunner took over.

The engine shed roof was replaced in 1938. The old slates were advertised in the local press.

Lancashire Evening Post, 27 May 1938

The picture below shows the Engine Shed in 1962 not long before closure.

shed 1962

The Shedmaster in the early 1960’s was W. Walker who, aged just 23, took over from Acting Shedmaster Joe Mitchell, a driver in his fifties who then acted as W. Walker’s deputy. At that time there were 50 men and 12 engines. The Engine Shed closed in July 1962.

D216 Campania passing closed Oxenholme shed copyright terry campbell
D216 Campania passing the closed Oxenholme Engine Shed on 23 May 1964. Reproduced by kind permission of Terry Campbell.

The position of layout of the Engine Shed, turntable and sidings is overlaid on a satellite image below:

engine shed & turntable
View of the four lane shed with the siding leading to the turntable.
Photo courtesy of John Bateson.
Oxenholme-based Class 4P Stanier 2-6-4T 42613 about to move onto the turntable in 1953.
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Cookson.
Carnforth-based 2-6-4T 42432 on the turntable in 1951.
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Cookson.
1880Four-road shed opened
1935 Feb 1Code 11D allocated
1938Roof changed
1950 Feb 1Code changed to 11C
1960 Jun 1Code changed to 12G
1962 Jun 18Shed closed

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