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When the railway was first built, a level crossing was provided at the south end of Oxenholme Junction station to maintain road traffic access along the old Kendal to Sedbergh turnpike road.

Photo taken in 1967 courtesy of Steve Scott
map 1858 marked

However, the fact that the crossing was over four lines with many train movements each day, and the access roads either side were on a considerable gradient (see heights in feet above sea level marked on the roadway), there was some disquiet as evidenced by the following correspondence in the Westmorland Gazette:

1871: A Gatekeeper killed at the Oxenholme Level Crossing

On Saturday last an inquest was held at the railway-station, Oxenholme, by C. G. Thomson, Esq., on the body of James Armer, gatekeeper at the level crossing at Oxenholme, who had been struck down and killed that morning by a luggage train, as detailed in the following evidence: – Matthew… Continue reading

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1857: Correspondence – Oxenholme Level Crossing

To the Editor of the Westmorland Gazette Sir, It is now time to ask whether the Board of trade or the Judges of Assize will allow a turnpike road to be crossed on the level where at least ten passenger trains, and probably as many more luggage engines and trains… Continue reading

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When the station was rebuilt in 1880/81, the level crossing was replaced with a pedestrian subway and a horseshoe-shaped road bridge.

In 1968, the height of the road bridge was raised ahead of electrification in 1971.

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