Oxenholme Station

oxenholme junction c1912 oxed

Today, Oxenholme is the only village on the main West Coast line with a station.

Brief History

The station at Oxenholme was opened in 1846 when both the first stage of the Lancaster & Carlisle Railway and the first stage of the Kendal & Windermere Railway were opened. Initially it was known formally as ‘Kendal Junction’ but the more familiar ‘Oxenholme Station’ came into use c. 1860.

The original station building was designed by architect William Tite, better known for building the Royal Exchange in London (1840), who later became an MP and was knighted.

The station was completely rebuilt in 1881 when the level crossing was replaced by the pedestrian subway and road bridge.

Station Masters

Known Station Masters include:

  • 1847: Mr BENSON
  • 1850: Stephen DIXON
  • ????: William JOHNSON
  • 1861: Stephen FAWCETT
  • 1864: Isaac BIRKETT
  • 1865: John Farrington HALLIWELL (1837-1868)
  • 1867: Isaac BIRKETT
  • 1871: George HODGSON (by 1881 George was a Railway Passenger Guard living at Carlisle with his family)
  • 1881-1895: Thomas MOFFATT (1851-1923)
  • 1895-1905: Henry PRESTON (1859-1947)
  • 1905-1922: Richard Atkin KNIGHTS (1870-1952) – see the Knights family page
  • 1922-1940: Robert RAFFLES (1880-1964)
  • 1940-1946: William Robert PEARS (1896-1978)
  • 19??-1954?: ? ATKINSON
  • 1954?-1957?: “Dan” ARCHER
  • 1957-1966: George STEWART (who was the last Station Master and who lived in the Station Master’s House at 6 Natland Terrace)

If you know of any others, please email us.

Refreshment Rooms

When the station was rebuilt in 1881, it included Refreshment Rooms.

Managers of the Refreshment Rooms include:

  • 1867: Mr Gosling
  • 1890: Miss Schloss
  • 1897: Robert Koster
  • 1914-1925: County Hotel Company (Carlisle)
  • 1929: Frederick George Evans

Station Cottages

When the station was rebuilt in 1881, it included five cottages.

With special thanks to John Bateson for information on past Station Masters.

Page last updated: 16 August 2018


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