Oxenholme Gun Club

The Oxenholme Gun Club was founded in 1890. It’s full title was the Oxenholme, Lancaster, and District Gun Club.

Those from Oxenholme who served on the initial committee included:

  • George TEASDALE (1848-1892) – George was landlord of the Station Inn, Oxenholme from 1876 and served as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Oxenholme Gun Club
  • Thomas ASKEW (1856-?) – Thomas later took over as landlord of the Station Inn, Oxenholme but was declared bankrupt in 1898 after losing large sums of money betting on the outcomes of pigeon shooting matches and horse races
  • Joseph ASKEW – (1861-?) – Joseph was a younger brother of Thomas and became landlord of the Bee Hive Inn  (formerly run by George Teasdales’s father – also George) in which older brother Thomas also had a share

Others from Oxenholme who took part in shooting matches included:

  • W. DOBSON – no further information yet known

The following reports have appeared in the Lancaster Gazette and Westmorland Gazette. More newspaper reports will be added in time.


For many years there used to be a well-established gun club in Kendal, the members comprising the best shots and sporting fancy of the town and neighbourhood. The club, however, lapsed, and for some time there has been no properly organised association. Notwithstanding this, there are a number of excellent shots in the district, who take prizes over a wide radius, and it was recently decided to form another club. The club is known as the Oxenholme, Lancaster, and District Gun Club, the officers being: – Committee, Messrs. J. C. Fernihough (chairman), J. Walker, J. Askew, T. Askew, Wm. Dawson, G. Teasdale, J. D. Bradley, Kerr Bell, and W. Smith; handicapper, Mr. J. C. Fernihough; secretary and treasurer Mr. G. Teasdale. In order to put the club on a good footing the Chairman of Committee offered a silver cup, to be won twice, and the meetings are intended to be held in different districts several times a year. The first meeting was held at Crook on Tuesday, when there was an unusually large attendance of shots. Besides the silver challenge cup there was added money to the extent of £6. The competition drew forth twenty entries, who were subject to handicap rules. The winner was J. Askew, Oxenholme, who killed seven birds in succession, and he took the cup and £1 10s. The following shot six birds and received £1 10s. each: – T. Askew, Oxenholme; W. Wilkinson, Lyth; R. Knowles, Lancaster. There were four sweepstakes, which drew as many as sixteen entrants. The results were: – First sweepstakes – J. C. Fernihough, W. Dobson, and N. Dixon divided, three birds each. Second – J. D. Bradley, Lancaster, killed four birds. Third – J. Braithwaite, Crook, and W. Dobson, Oxenholme, divided, killing three birds each. Fourth – J. Askew, Oxenholme, killed two birds. The birds were a grand lot, and difficult to kill. After the competition an excellent dinner was provided at the Sun Inn by Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Walker.

Extracted from Westmorland Gazette of 29 November 1890


On Thursday last the members of the Lancaster and Oxenholme Gun Club met at Kendal to shoot off a sweepstake which had been undecided the previous week, when four of the members tied. The result of the shooting off was as follows: – G. J. Gilpin, of Crook, obtained the first prize, tea and coffee service (given by Mr. Fernihough) killing five out of six birds; second, R. Chorley, Railway Inn, Kendal, silver coffee pot, killing four out of six; and third, silver tea pot, J. Mackereth, killing three oiut of six. The after proceedings were followed by a sweep of 5s. each when the landlord – Mr N. Dixon – added £2 to 28 entries, three birds each. Eight competitors killing all their birds divided the sweep, the successful ones being J. D. Bradley, Lancaster, 2 shares); R. Coward, Kendal; W. Dobson, Oxenholme; B. Gilpin, Crook, (2 shares); R. Coward, Kendal; W. Dobson, Oxenholme; B. Gilpin, Crook, (2 shares), T. Askew, Oxenholme, and N. Dixon of Kendal. This was followed by an additional sweepstake of 5s., miss and out, when twenty-two shooters toed the mark, 21 yards rise; and after keen competition no less than eight killed four in succession, but through darkness coming on they decided to divide. The successful ones were: – J. D. Bradley of Lancaster, J. Askew of Oxenholme, R. Walling of Lancaster, T. Askew and W. Dobson of Oxenholme, and N. Dixon and R. Coward of Kendal. The weather was unfavourable for shooting. After the competition the members adjourned to Mr. Dixon’s house where an enjoyable evening was spent, Mr. Fernihough presiding, and presenting the plate to the successful competitors, complimented the members on their success. The arrangements were successfully carried out by Mr. George Teasdale, whilst Mr. J. C. Muncaster kept the list.

Extracted from Lancaster Gazette of 31 January 1891


The Oxenholme, Lancaster, and District Gun Club held their last shoot for the season at Bare, near Lancaster, on Wednesday. The prizes consisted of a silver cup presented by Mr. Rowell Tyson, of Barrow, and £6 added money. There were fourteen entries, five birds each, with usual handicap. The cup, with £3 added, was won by Mr. J. C. Fernihough, Appleby, who killed six birds in succession. Mr. W. Dawson was second, £2, killing five birds; and Mr. J. Braithwaite, Crook, third, £1, who killed four. The next competition was for a gun, presented by Mr. William Atkinson, gunsmith, with 5s. sweepstakes. Mr. J. Braithwaite won the gun and £2, killing four out of five birds; Mr. Fernihough was second, £1, killing six birds out of eight; while Mr. H. Hayes, Lancaster, was third, killing six out of nine. A 5s. sweepstakes followed, the money being divided between Mr. J. Askew, Bee Hive, Mr. T. Askew, Oxenholme, and Mr. J. C. Fernihough, each killing three birds. After the shooting about forty sat down to dinner at the Dog and Partridge Inn, where a capital spread was provided by Mr. and Mrs. Powell. Mr. R. Kirkby, Kendal, occupied the chair. A pleasant evening was passed in song and toast. The weather throughout the day was very rough.

Extracted from Lancaster Gazette of 12 March 1892