Burton Road

Burton Road is the main A65 road from Kendal to Burton-in-Kendal. Only a small part of the road falls within the boundaries of Oxenholme Village.

Burton Road, approaching Oxenholme from the south. Image courtesy of Google Streetview May 2009

Properties on eastern side of Burton Road

Heading southwards from the road bridge over the railway line, on the left-hand side:

Oxenholme Filling Station, Burton Road 2011 Image courtesy of Google Street View 2011

Mission Hall

The Railway Children’s Choir helped raise the £850 necessary to build the Mission Hall in 1906 on the Burton Road immediately opposite Helmside Cottages. Services were held there on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

The Natland and Oxenholme Women’s Institute was inaugurated there in 1921.

The Mission Hall closed in 1951 and is now home to T.J.S. Northern Ltd civil engineers and construction equipment hire.

The former Mission Hall. Image courtesy of Google Street View 2011.

Reading Room

The former Reading Room on the Burton Road, now a private residence, was provided by the Railway Company for use by the Railway Men’s Institute and a copy of the Lancashire Evening Post could be read there. The building was constructed around the same time as Helmside Cottages were built (1885).

John Bateson advises “Membership was open to all aged over 14 for 1/- and billiards and dominoes were provided. Originally there was a Bible class, but things religious were taken over by the Mission Hall in 1912. There was a children’s class, Mothers’ Union with baking, crochet etc. The pensioners’ club lasted until c 1985. It was also a polling station.”

At one point monies were raised in Natland and Oxenholme to convert the Reading Room to a Village Hall for both villages but the stables at St Mark’s Vicarage in Natland were chosen instead for the new Village Hall.

The Reading Room finally closed in the mid 1980s and became a residential property.

The former Reading Room, Burton Road 2011 Image courtesy of Google Street View 2011

Properties on western side of Burton Road

Heading northwards towards the road bridge over the railway line, on the left-hand side:

  • Broadlea
  • Hill Crest
  • Hillslea
  • Ormiston
  • Overdale
  • Rose Lea
  • Springfield
  • Thurston

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1909: Oxenholme – Railway Mission

On Monday a successful gathering was held to celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of the Mission Hall. Numerous guests, after partaking of a substantial tea, were addressed by Mrs. Isaac Braithwaite. The chair was occupied by Mr. John Parker, who referred briefly to the work and progress of the Mission under its earnest leader, Mrs. Page. The latter in a few well-chosen and touching words, thanked the members and workers for their help and sympathy. The tables were presided over by Mrs. W. Phizackerley, Mrs. Ellison, Mrs. Chris. Dobson, Mrs. J. Parker, assisted by many willing helpers. The programme included music and recitations by Miss Wilkinson, Mr. W. Phizackerley, Master C. Ewen, Miss Black, Misses Robinson, Miss Fanny Jackson, and Mr. Parker. Miss Wilkinson presided at the organ.

Westmorland Gazette, 18 September 1909