Natland Terrace

O.S. Map from 1896 showing position of Natland Terrace

Natland Terrace was built in 1896 to house railway workers.

Natland Terrace actually comprises two rows of terraces – one row either side of Hill Place built the following year.

Left-hand Terrace: 1 – 6 Natland Terrace

1-6 Natland Terrace

1 Natland Terrace = 133 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Henry Woodhouse & family
  • 1911 – Henry Woodhouse & family
  • 1915 – Henry Woodhouse & family
  • 1939 – James Irvine & family

2 Natland Terrace = 131 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – William Green & family
  • 1911 – William Green & family
  • 1915 – William Green & family
  • 1939 – Fred Wilson & family

3 Natland Terrace = 129 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – William Duckett & family
  • 1911 – James Nelson Ducksbury & family
  • 1915 – James Nelson Ducksbury & family
  • 1939 – James Nelson Ducksbury & family
  • 1959 – James Nelson Ducksbury & family
  • 1972 – Henry Nelson Ducksbury

4 Natland Terrace = 127 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Henry Swainbank & family – wife Martha Swainbank operated a shop from 4 Natland Terrace –
  • 1911 – Frederick Arthur Oates & family
  • 1915 – Frederick Arthur Oates & family
  • 1939 – Frederick Arthur Oates & family
  • 1955 – Frederick Arthur Oates & family
  • 1966 – Harold Osboldstone Woodburn
  • 1980 – Annie Amelia Woodburn

5 Natland Terrace = 125 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Thomas Thewlis & family
  • 1911 – Thomas Thewlis & family
  • 1915 – Thomas Thewlis & family
  • 1939 – William F May & family

6 Natland Terrace = 123 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Henry Preston & family – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1911 – Richard Atkin Knights & family – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1915 – Richard Atkin Knights & family – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1925 – Robert Raffles & family – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1939 – Roberts Raffels & family – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1940 – 1946 – William Robert Pears – Stationmaster’s House
  • 19??-1954? – ? Atkinson – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1954?-1957? – “Dan” Archer – Stationmaster’s House
  • 1957-19?? – George Stewart – Stationmaster’s House

[between nos. 6 and 7 Natland Terrace is Hill Place]

Right-hand Terrace: 7 – 12 Natland Terrace

7-12 Natland Terrace

7 Natland Terrace = 121 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – James Tideswell & family – Shedmaster’s House
  • 1911 – James Tideswell & family – Shedmaster’s House
  • 1915 – James Tideswell & family – Shedmaster’s House
  • 1937 – Thomas Horace Cottam & family
  • 1939 – Thomas Horace Cottam & family

8 Natland Terrace = 119 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – William Hind & family
  • 1911 – William Hind & family
  • 1915 – William Hind & family
  • 1939 – William Copeland & family
  • 1960 – William Copeland

9 Natland Terrace = 117 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Robert Bouskill & family
  • 1911 – Robert Bouskill & family
  • 1915 – Robert Bouskill & family
  • 1939 – Robert Bouskill & family

10 Natland Terrace = 115 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Robert Dobson & family
  • 1911 – John Longhorn & family
  • 1915 – John Longhorn & family
  • 1939 – Henry Ryding & family
  • 1972 – Thomas William Crossley

11 Natland Terrace = 113 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – James Tollerson & family
  • 1911 – Robert Park & family
  • 1939 – Ada M Wilson

12 Natland Terrace = 111 Helmside Road

  • 1901 – Joseph Robinson & family
  • 1911 – Alfred Conway & family
  • 1939 – Benjamin Wilson

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Probate Index

The following transcriptions have been extracted from the National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations):


  • ARMER George William of 17 Helm-side Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 2 March 1943 on war service. Administration Carlisle 29 June (1944) to Robert John Armer retired engine driver. Effects £539 2s 4d.
  • ARMER Robert John of 17 Helmside Oxenholme Kendal Westmorland died 1 August 1948. Administration Carlisle 1 September (1948) to Jane Armer widow. Effects £890 14s 3d.


  • BAINES Richard of Helmside Natland Kendal Westmorland retired railway signalman died 17 January 1922 Administration Carlisle 29 March (1922) to John Baines hotel porter. Effects £208 0s 11d.
  • BAKER Francis Edwin of Mountain View Gatebeck near Kendal Westmorland died 20 February 1949. Administration Carlisle 9 April (1949) to Mary Jane Baker widow. Effects £447 19s 4d.
  • BALMER Brenda Annie of 48 Helmside Road Oxenholme Kendal died 29 June 1987. Administration with Will Newcastle-upon-Tyne 28 July. Not exceeding £40000
  • BLAND Ernest William of 4 Hill-place Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 25 March 1944. Administration Carlisle 2 May (1944) to Margaret Ann Bland widow. Effects £486 9s 11d.


  • DICKINSON Edmund of 14 Fairbank Kirkby Lonsdale Westmorland died 24 January 1932 at the Guardians Institution Kendal Westmorland. Probate Carlisle 8 Fbruary (1932) to Margaret Alice Dickinson (wife of James Dickinson). Effects £60 7s 3d.
  • DIXON George Whitehead of Station Inn Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 4 May 1958. Administration Carlisle 3 June (1958) to Ellen Wilson Dixon widow. Effects £851 15s 10d.


  • FORSHAW Ellen of Station Cottages Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 7 March 1914. Administration Carlisle 23 March (1914) to Edward Fleming labourer. Effects £83 15s 3d.


  • GRAHAM Richard of 6 Ford-terrace Kendal Westmorland died 29 January 1927 Probate Carlisle 25 February (1927) to Francis Braithwaite Graham shunter and George Weaver ticket collector. Effects £1,668 9s 3d.


  • HAYTHORNTHWAITE Richard of 2 Helmside Oxenholme Westmorland railway signal chargeman died 31 December 1919. Administration Carlisle 17 March (1920) to Elizabeth Alice Haythornthwaite widow. Effects £98 3s 9d.


  • KNIGHTS Richard Atkin of Hillcrest Oxenholme Westmorland died 10 December 1952 Probate Carlisle 24 February (1953) to Lawrence Herbert Shepherd cycle agent. Effects £3,046 16s 9d.


  • MOFFAT Ada Mary of Mountside Beech Hill Terrace Kendal Westmorland died 13 June 1966. Probate Carlisle 7 September (1966) to Philip Gardner Thomson solicitor. £10,108
  • MOFFAT Thomas of Glen-villa Oxenholme Westmorland died 8 March 1923. Probate Carlisle 24 April (1923) to Ada Mary Moffat widow and Arthur Ingram Moffat agricultural merchant and agent. Effects £4,726 5s 7d.


  • NIXON Elizabeth Todd of 24 Helmside Oxenholme Westmorland widow died 1 July 1946 at 10 Gandy-street Kendal Westmorland. Probate Carlisle 23 July (1946) to Percy Nixon railway engine driver. Effects £597 14s 8d.


  • PAINE Harry of 8 Union-street Kendal Westmorland brakesman died 5 December 1913 at Wigan. Administration Carlisle 2 January (1914) to Jane Paine widow. Effects £168 5s.
  • PEARS John. 16 January (1890). Administration of the Personal Estate of John Pears late of Helmside near Kendal in the County of Westmoreland Railway Porter who died 1 January 1890 at Oxenholme near Kendal in the said County was granted at Carlisle to Sarah Pears of Helmside Widow the Relict. Personal Estate £246 14s 11d.
  • POOLEY John of 5 Hill Place Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 17 December 1950. Probate Carlisle 26 January (1951) to William Haythornthwaite retired engine driver and William Thomas Thornton retired railwayman. Effects £182 10s.


  • RISHTON Frank of Helmdene Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 23 March 1934. Probate Carlisle 9 August (1934) to Margaret Rishton widow Henry John Rishton retired farmer and Richard Askew retired police sergeant. Effects £11,055 8s 8d.
  • ROOKE Ada Louisa of Bromley Cottage Stainton Kendal Westmorland died 20 January 1965 at 21 Bolefoot Oxenholme Kendal. Probate Lancaster 15 February (1965) to Arthur Robert Rooke retired railwayman and Millie Shaw married woman. £1796.


  • SWAINBANK Martha of Helmgarth Oxenholme Westmorland (wife of Henry Ellis Swainbank) died 13 May 1932. Administration Carlisle 22 June (1932) to the said Henry Ellis Swainbank engine driver. Effects £764 3s 9d.
  • SWARBRICK Allan of 12 Helmside Oxenholme near Kendal Westmorland died 12 March 1944 at Westmorland County Hospital. Administration Carlisle 2 May (1944) to Jane Swarbrick widow. Effects £372 6s 3d.


  • TEASDALE George. 23 August 1866. The Will of George Teasdale formerly of the “Beehive” Inn Stainton in the Parish of Heversham but late of “Oxenholme Station” Inn Natland both in the County of Westmoreland Innkeeper deceased who died 30 June 1866 at the “Oxenholme Station” Inn aforesaid was proved at Carlisle by the oaths of Isabella Teasdale of “Oxenholme Station” Inn aforesaid Widow the Relict William Hindson of Old Hutton in the County aforesaid Relieving Officer and Thomas Dixon of Underhelm in Stainton aforesaid Farmer the Executors. Effects under £800.
  • TEASDALE Isabella. 3 February 1876. Administration of the effects of Isabella Teasdale late of “Oxenholme Station” Inn in the Township of Natland in the County of Westmoreland Widow who died 1 January 1876 at “Oxenholme Station” Inn was granted at Carlisle to George Teasdale of “Oxenholme Station” Inn Innkeeper the Son and one of the Next of Kin. Effects under £200.


  • WILSON Charles Henry of Oxenholme House Oxenholme Westmorland died 7 March 1927. Probate Carlisle 27 April (1927) to John Gasgoigne Swinglehurst esquire and Edward Moser solicitor. Effects £49,017 19s 8d. Resworn £49,142 19s 8d.
  • WILSON William Esq. 9 September 1880. The Will with a Codicil of William Wilson late of Rigmaden in the County of Westmoreland Esquire who died 26 July 1880 at Rigmaden was proved at Carlisle by Arthur Shepherd of Shaw End in the said County esquire and Christopher Wyndham Wilson of Rigmaden William James Wilson of High Park in the said County and Charles Henry Wilson of Rigmaden Esquires the Sons the Executors. Personal Estate under £200,000.
  • WINDER Albert Edward otherwise Albert Edward Chapman of 4 Helmside Oxenholme Kendal Westmorland died 30 January 1957 at Kendal Green Hospital Kendal. Probate Carlisle 19 February (1957) to John Willie Winder railway guard. Effects £423 15s 8d.
  • WINDER John Willie of Helme Hurst 100 Oxenholme Road Kendal Westmorland died 29 November 1958. Administration (with Will) Carlisle 19 February (1959) to Helena Winder widow. Effects £2,208 9s 8d.
  • WINDER Sarah Elizabeth of 19 Helmside Rd Oxenholme Kendal died 4 June 1977. Probate Newcastle-upon-Tyne 22 July (1977). £8,874 772301254W

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1890: Shocking accident at the Oxenholme railway station

On the evening of New Year’s Day a terrible accident happened at Oxenholme Railway Station to John Pears, the foreman porter, causing his death. The deceased was married but had no family, and resided at Helmside, a row of cottages a little south of the railway station. When coming on duty about six o’clock it would appear that the deceased crossed the line, and was run into by the London express and literally cut to pieces. The deceased was a steady, quiet man, and much respected by his fellow workmen and the travelling public. An inquest was held on the body on Thursday evening by Mr. F. W. Watson, deputy coroner, when the following evidence was adduced:-

Sarah Pears, of Helmside, deposed: I am the widow of John Pears, the deceased. I last saw him alive last evening, about twenty minutes to six o’clock. My husband was foreman porter at Oxenholme Railway Station. He was due on duty at six o’clock. Before leaving home he was in his usual health and spirits. I had not the slightest reason to think that deceased contemplated any rash act. I am quite satisfied on this point. I attribute his death purely to accident. The deceased was 42 last March.

Henry Paine, brakesman, living at 8, Black Hall Yard, Kendal, deposed: I am in the employ of the London and North-Western Railway Company . I have known the deceased, John Pears, since I commenced work at Oxenholme nine years ago. He was a sober, steady man, and thoroughly acquainted with his duties. When I was coming off duty last evening, about six o’clock, I crossed the shunting yard to get to the platform. I walked along the six-foot way. When near Oxenholme Station I found a can and basket; the can had the deceased’s name stamped upon it. The evening was rather foggy and wet. I suspected that an accident had happened. On proceeding to search a little further south I found a human foot lying on the up loop line, on the shunting side. I then came to the office and told the station master what I had found. The station master and I proceeded back to the place, where we found the trunk of the deceased’s body lying in the four foot of the up main line. The trunk was mangled into a heap. Another person found some other portions of the body further south. I could not identify John Pears from his clothing, nor from any portion of the body that had been found. I cannot account for how the deceased got on to the line. The remains were found about forty yards from the southern end of the platform. I am not aware that the deceased had any duty which required him to cross the rails, but it is commonly done by the railway officials instead of using the sub way.

Thomas Moffat, station master at Oxenholme deposed: I have known the deceased, John Pears, nine years. He was a steady, trustworthy official, and acted as foreman porter. The deceased was due on duty at six o’clock last evening. I did not see him come on duty. A few minutes after six o’clock, the last witness came and reported to me the finding of the can and basket and a human foot. We returned together to continue the search. I corroborate what Paine has said as to the result of the search. Deceased might have been crossing the rails in the ordinary course of his duty. He had continually to do this when on duty. The London express is due to pass Oxenholme at 5-33 p.m., not stopping. Last night the express was late, passing through the station at 5-49. It was proceeding at a high rate of speed. I have no doubt the deceased was killed by that train. It is quite probable that he would think the express had passed and that the line was clear. By a juryman: A lamp underneath the bridge was not lighted; it was moonlight. There was no fog at the time. The platform lamps were all lighted. The lights from the signal box gives a good light where the remains were found. I could identify the deceased by the clothing and can.

Thomas Rumney, of Crewe, deposed: I am an engine-driver, and was in charge of the London express las evening due to pass through Oxenholme at 5-33. I passed through at 5-50. I neither saw, heard or felt anything in passing through Oxenholme, which we did at a rate of about 45 miles an hour. We ran through to Preston without a stop, and on arriving there I found portions of brains scattered against the side frame of the engine. I also observed the peak of a railway cap on the smoke box on the same side. The right buffer lamp was missing when we arrived at Preston. The lamp would be 4ft. or 5ft. from the ground, and this might probably cause death of deceased. The evening was a little hazy, but not so bad at Oxenholme as it was about Hayfell.

Inspector Shepherd, of Lancaster, here stated that there was another train on the down line being shunted when the express went through Oxenholme.

The Deputy-Coroner, however, did not think it was necessary to encumber the dispositions with this.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”

Westmorland Gazette, 4 January 1890