1965: Phone Book

The following entries for Oxenholme have been extracted from the 1965 phone book:

EntryKendal no.
Atkinson W Castle Mount Oxenholme632
Barnes William Hlge Contr, 21 Helmside rd1530
Bell G Oxenholme fm1336
British Railways Stations Oxenholme397
Brummitt Mrs. H. Roundhay Oxenholme2375
Cannan-Jones Mrs. F.E. Oak Ridge Oxenholme1716
Clark Mrs D Meadowside Oxenholme1563
Crabtree B.A. Moorfields Oxenholme1311
Crompton H Helm Brae, Burton rd698
Dickinson R.W. Helme Lea Oxenholme986
Evernden Mrs M.M. Hill Foot Beehive Oxenholme1405
Frearson F Overdale Oxenholme1066
High Park Caravan Site, Oxenholme1139
Hunter John E Woodlands Oxenholme1348
Ingram Miss K, Uphol, Underhill, Oxenholme2480
Inman N H The Glen Oxenholme805
Kendal Co-operative Society Ltd. The. Oxenholme Bch Helm Garth1331
Kendal Express Parcels Service, Tower bldgs. Oxenholme752
Lambert C.E. Bldr Hillslea Oxenholme1560
Lee K J 2 Wilson vill Oxenholme2542
LYONS MAID ICE CREAM Oxenholme Rly Stn2108
Inspectors (Res) Helmside Ho Helmside rd Oxenholme1483
Booster Stations Beehive, Oxenholme758
Meakin C.W. Kempnough, Station rd, Oxenholme974
Noddle J.R. Sycamore, Bolefoot Oxenholme159
Northern Film Transport (Kendal) Ltd Tower bldgs. Oxenholme2091
Nurses, Westmorland County Council District Nurse/Midwives: Hutton, Oxenholme, 9 Bolefoot2298
Oxenholme House, Oxenholme1994
Preston H, 3 High Pk Oxenholme 1588
Prior N F, Braemar Fell clo Oxenholme rd1935
Railton W G Montclare Oxenholme737
Rigg G M, Hayclose End Oxenholme287
Robertson D S, Adina Oxenholme2514
Robinson E M Hillfoot Beehive Oxenholme1405
Saul H Gansey cott Fell clo Oxenholme1583
Station Inn Oxenholme2297
Stewart G 6 Natland ter Oxenholme53
Taylor W H Castlesteads Oxenholme1796
Temple Mrs B High Park fm Oxenholme516
Walker Mrs E Broadlea Oxenholme1493
Wills H Ltd, Gen Carrs, Tower bldgs. Oxenholme752
Wood H J Oxenholme gar1228
Woodburn H.O. 4 Natland ter Oxenholme1820
Woof J.H. Frmr, Underhelm Oxenholme1993