Oxenholme Road / B6254

The B6254 from Oxenholme towards Kendal from the Helmside Road junction is known as Oxenholme Road.

Properties within Oxenholme on Oxenholme Road (north side) are limited to:

  • Oxenholme Farm
  • Raysholme – formerly part of Oxenholme Farm – see above link
  • Mill Cottage – formerly part of Oxenholme Farm – see above link

There are no properties on the Oxenholme Road (south side).

Properties within Oxenholme on the B6254 (north side) heading towards Old Hutton are limited to:

Properties within Oxenholme on the B6254 (south side) heading towards Old Hutton are limited to:

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Oxenholme Farm

Oxenholme Farm

Oxenholme Farm. Photo copyright of Rose and Trev Clough under CCL.

The original Oxenholme Farmhouse was divided into two properties, Oxenholme Farm and Raysholme. A third property, Mill Cottage, also stands on the site.

The following information was contributed by local schoolchildren from St. Marks, Natland to the BBC Domesday Project in 1986:

“Mr. Bell took over the Elizabethan farmhouse in 1932. There 40 hectares owned by the farm and a further 23 are rented. Silage, which is cut every year in June and August, occupies 38 acres while the remaining 63 are used for hay and pasture. Mr. Bell owns four tractors, two of which are Fords. He keeps Friesian cows, forty-two being milked every day at 07.00 and 16.00. So far this year 145 lambs have been born, although 8 or 9 die each year shortly after birth. Mr. Bell also keeps hens and breeds pheasants which he buys when they are only a day old. When St. Mark’s children visited the farm they were given some silage and cow cake. They watched the sheepdog at work and went in the milking shed. When they entered a field of cows, they were very quickly surrounded!”

Known residents:

  • 1851 – James Cleasby
  • 1866 – John Garnett
  • 1897 – Richard Thornburrow
  • 1901 – Edward Cornthwaite & family
  • 1911 – Daniel Trotter & family
  • 1939 – James Bell (1875-1946) & family


Known residents:

  • 1920 – Arthur Haliburton Wilson – see Wilson family page
  • 1925 – Harry Lancelot Hughff
  • 1929 & 1939 – William Kilvert Howard (1880-1950) – phone number in 1929 = TN 1X2
  • 1951 – Howard Leadbeater (1893-1969), bank manager, wife Hilda Leadbeater nee Nash (1890-1967) & daughter Wendy
  • Last recorded sale date / price: 17 December 2015 / £525,000

Mill Cottage

mill cottage
Mill Cottage courtesy of Google Street View June 2011

Known residents:

  • 1939 – George Winder
  • 2002 – Helen Mary Bell nee Wilson (1917-2006)

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1920: Colonel Killed – Motor-Accident on Kendal-Oxenholme Road

A distressing fatality occurred on Oxenholme-Kendal road last evening.

Mr. Arthur Wilson, of Raysholme, Oxenholme was motoring towards Kendal about eight o’clock when nearing Brookside he overtook Colonel John Thompson, who was walking towards Kendal. The night was extremely dark, and the colonel, who was apparently walking in the middle of the road was not noticed by Mr. Wilson until he was close upon him.

Mr. Wilson swerved the car to avoid the colonel, but the wing caught Colonel Thompson in the back. The colonel fell heavily on his head in the road. Mr. Wilson removed the colonel to the side of the road, and motored to Helm Chase to telephone for medical aid. Dr. Walker went out immediately, but death had taken place before his arrival.

Colonel Thompson, who was 73 years of age, was one of the tallest men in Westmorland. He was in charge of the Kendal composite company of Volunteers in the South African War, where he served with distinction, and also saw home service in the late war. He lived with his sister at The Lound, Kendal. He was a bachelor.

Lancashire Evening Post, Tuesday 16 November 1920