William Wilson (1810–1880)

  • second son of Christopher Wilson (1765–1845) and Catherine Wilson (neé Wilson) of Rigmaden Park, Mansergh, Westmorland
  • married Maria Letitia Hulme (1817–1873) at Stoke Gabriel, Devon in 1843
  • lived at High Park House, Oxenholme
  • appointed High Sherriff of Westmorland in 1863
  • died 26 July 1980 at Rigmaden Park, Mansergh, Westmorland
  • probate Carlisle 9 September 1880 to his three sons Christopher Wyndham Wilson Esq. of Rigmaden, William James Wilson Esq. of High Park and Charles Henry Wilson Esq. of Rigmaden and Arthur Shepherd Esq. of Shaw End
  • estate under £200,000.

William and Maria Letitia had eight children, three sons and five daughters (two of whom died as children on the same day):

  • Christopher Wyndham Wilson (1844–1918) – see further information below
  • William James Wilson (1845–1904) – see further information below
  • Charles Henry Wilson (1846–1927) – see further information below
  • Evelina Antonia Wilson (1848–1912) – had unsound mind and lived with General Practioner’s family in Oxfordshire for over 30 years
  • Frances Alexandrina Wilson (1850–?) – married Randolph Richards Luscombe at Mansergh, Westmorland on 12 June 1872 – divorced in 1885
  • Augusta Bella Wilson (1851–1858) – died aged 7 on 26 January 1858
  • Maria Janette Wilson (1853–1858) – died aged 5 on 26 January 1858
  • Letitia Sophia Wilson (1855–1939) – married John Walker Anderson at Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland on 24 September 1879

Christopher Wyndham Wilson (1844–1918)

  • born 9 November 1844 at Rigmaden Park, Mansergh, Westmorland
  • lived at High Park House, Oxenholme during childhood
  • married 1. Mildred Eyre Spedding (1848–1878) in 1874
  • married 2. Edith Townsend Farquhar in 1879
  • lived at Rigmaden Park, Mansergh, Westmorland
  • appointed High Sherriff of Westmorland in 1884
  • died 8 December 1918 in Westmorland, England

Christopher and Mildred had one son:

  • Christopher Hulme Wilson (1875–1941)

Christopher and Edith had six children:

  • Katherine Edith Wilson (1881–?)
  • Humphrey Minto Wilson (1883-1961)
  • Floran Fitzroy Wilson (1885–?)
  • Isabel Frances Barbara Wilson (1887–?)
  • Thomas Leonard Wilson (1889–?)
  • Christopher Gilbert Wilson (1891–?)

William James Wilson (1845–1904)

  • born 9 December 1845
  • lived at High Park House, Oxenholme during childhood
  • married Susan Isabella Rachel Smith (1860–1933) in 1887
  • lived at High Park House, Oxenholme

William and Susan had six children:

  • Augusta Charlotte Bainbridge Wilson (1888–1918)
  • Frances Laura Gandy Wilson (1889–1949) – did not marry
  • Noel Jessie Haliburton Wilson (1891–1992)  – married Ulick Henry [Bourke], 9th Earl of Mayo
  • William Fenwick Nelson (1893–1893)
  • Charles Wyndham Wilson (1895-1915) – see War Dead
  • Arthur Haliburton Wilson (1899–1983) – see below

Charles Henry Wilson (1846–1927)

  • lived at High Park House, Oxenholme during childhood
  • charged with being in a fight on 19 May 1869
  • initially lived with his older brother William James Wilson at High Park House, Oxenholme
  • later lived at the newly built Oxenholme House from 1890 until his death in 1927
  • remained a bachelor all his life
  • master of the Oxenholme Hounds from 1878 to 1918
  • died 7 March 1927
  • probate Carlisle 27 April 1927 to John Gasgoigne Swinglehurst esquire and Edward Moser solicitor
  • effects £49,142 19s 8d.

Arthur Haliburton Wilson (1899–1983)

  • born 27 July 1899 at Oxenholme
  • lived at Raysholme, Oxenholme in 1920
  • on 15 November 1920 Arthur was driving future wife Mabel Green on the Oxenholme to Kendal Road when he struck pedestrian Col. John Thompson who died soon afterwards
  • married Mabel Lizzie Green (1900-1975) in Vancouver, British Columbia on 10 October 1923
  • died 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Page last updated 7 November 2019

1920: Colonel Killed – Motor-Accident on Kendal-Oxenholme Road

A distressing fatality occurred on Oxenholme-Kendal road last evening.

Mr. Arthur Wilson, of Raysholme, Oxenholme was motoring towards Kendal about eight o’clock when nearing Brookside he overtook Colonel John Thompson, who was walking towards Kendal. The night was extremely dark, and the colonel, who was apparently walking in the middle of the road was not noticed by Mr. Wilson until he was close upon him.

Mr. Wilson swerved the car to avoid the colonel, but the wing caught Colonel Thompson in the back. The colonel fell heavily on his head in the road. Mr. Wilson removed the colonel to the side of the road, and motored to Helm Chase to telephone for medical aid. Dr. Walker went out immediately, but death had taken place before his arrival.

Colonel Thompson, who was 73 years of age, was one of the tallest men in Westmorland. He was in charge of the Kendal composite company of Volunteers in the South African War, where he served with distinction, and also saw home service in the late war. He lived with his sister at The Lound, Kendal. He was a bachelor.

Lancashire Evening Post, Tuesday 16 November 1920