Henry Ellis Swainbank (1868–1942)

  • born at Dillicar, Westmorland
  • baptised 9 April 1871 at Kendal aged 3
  • second of eight sons born to Thomas Swainbank (1844–1924) and Eleanor Swainbank neé Ellis (1845–?)
  • in 1871 living at Beck Foot, Firbank, Westmorland
  • scholar in 1881 living at Beck Foot Cottage, Firbank, Westmorland
  • railway engine stoker in 1891 lodging at 10 Helmside with railway signalman Thomas Wills and family
  • in 1891 married Martha Lord (1870–1932) daughter of railway signalman Reuben James Lord (1846–1906)
  • railway engine driver in 1901 living at 4 Natland Terrace, Oxenholme
  • wife Martha ran a shop from their home in Natland Terrace until the Railway Company found out!
  • they then moved across the road and opened the shop at Helm Garth (now 70 Helmside Road)
  • locomotive engineman in 1911 living at Helm Garth, Oxenholme
  • joined the Kendal branch of National Union of Railwaymen aged 46 on 29 April 1913
  • wife Martha died 13 May 1932
  • probate 22 June 1932 to Henry Ellis Swainbank engine driver
  • Henry senior died 28 March 1942
  • buried at St. Mark’s Church, Natland
  • headstone inscribed “In loving memory of Henry Ellis Swainbank died March 28th 1942 aged 74 years. Also of Martha his wife died May 13th 1932 aged 61 years.”

Henry and Martha had five children, one of whom died in infancy:

  • Sarah Eleanor Swainbank (1892–?) – dressmaker – emigrated to the United States onboard S.S. Bohemian departing Liverpool 28 January 1920 – arrived Boston 15 February 1920 – 5′ 3″ tall with fair complexion, fair hair and blue eyes
  • Ellis Swainbank (1895–1953)possibly married Kathleen Wilson in 1921 (unconfirmed)
  • Alice Swainbank (1898–?) – died as an infant
  • Henry Victor Swainbank (1900–1980) – born 16 January 1900
  • Reuben Swainbank (1901–1980) – born 27 July 1901 – possibly married Mary Shepherd in 1939 (unconfirmed)

As a schoolboy, Henry Swainbank senior witnessed a fatal accident near Lowgill Station on 3 December 1881:

Henry Swainbank of Beckfoot, Firbank, deposed “I am 14 years of age, about half past twelve o`clock on Saturday last I was in Lowgill School yard standing on the wall when I saw a train going south. I heard two loud whistles and very shortly afterwards saw a hat flying up in the air, I ran and told the men at Lowgill Cottages. the steam was shut off and the train brought to a stand.”

Anthony Swainbank (1875-1933)

  • born at Firbank, Westmorland 1875
  • baptised at Kendal 21 March 1875
  • fifth of eight sons born to Thomas Swainbank (1844–1924) and Eleanor Swainbank neé Ellis (1845–?) – the first five sons all ended up working on the railway
  • younger brother of Henry Ellis Swainbank (1868–1942) above
  • scholar in 1881 living at Beck Foot Cottage, Firbank, Westmorland
  • railway engine cleaner in 1891 living at 1 Beck Foot Cottages, Firbank, Westmorland
  • in 1898 married Alice Maud Lord (1876–1955) third daughter of railway signalman Reuben James Lord (1846–1906) and younger sister of Martha Lord (1870–1932) who married his older brother Henry Ellis Swainbank (1868–1942) above in 1891
  • railway engine stoker in 1901 living at 8 Hill Place, Oxenholme
  • railway engine stoker in 1911 living at 8 Hill Place, Oxenholme
  • known to railway colleagues as ‘Tant’
  • died in 1933
  • wife Alice died in 1955

Anthony and Alice had three children:

  • Margaret Eleanor Swainbank (1900–?)possibly married Norman D Simpkins in 1929 (unconfirmed)
  • George Marsden Swainbank (1905–1957)see below
  • Mary Swainbank (1908–1980) – married Thomas George Lowthian (1913–1974) in 1937 – lived at Bolefoot

George Marsden Swainbank (1905–1957)

  • born 21 March 1905
  • married Lavinia Bowden Morrison (1906–1992) in 1929
  • bus driver living at Bolefoot in 1939
  • died in 1957

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